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About Us

Fansee Shades mission is to provide fans of all kinds with new and exciting ways to publicly demonstate their passion & loyalty for things that they love.
Fansee Shades was founded by Brad Akers and Jay Moore in early 2017.  The inspiration for our unique line began one ordinary day in 2016 while Brad was sitting in his office.  On his desk was a pair of regular sunglasses sitting next to a  "hockey stick pen" that he received as a promotional giveaway at a tradeshow.  Brad noticed that the side of the sunglasses were strikingly similar in shape to that of the hockey stick. That was the aha moment that inspired Brad and co-founder Jay to create Fansee Shades, a globally-unique, patented line of eyewear featuring Custom, 3-Dimensionally Molded Side Temples...the likes of which nobody in the world had ever seen, until now!

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